These different types of emerging technologies are very useful to know

These different types of emerging technologies are very useful to know

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Tech is always altering, which means there are consistently brand new developments that you ought to be keeping an eye on.

One of the most cool developments that has come about in recent times in the tech sector is the expansion of e-sports and the competitions that are being held for them. Video gaming has been renowned for decades at this point, but among the emerging trends in technology is turning video gaming into a competitive sport. These championships that have been held are proving to become more and more prominent, and fans watch them on streaming sites in the world. Because of this, there is currently quite a lot of money in e-sports competitions, and those partaking have been known to make millions of pounds! This current technology has interested a lot of interest from investors, and a lot of businesses have started to sponsor assorted competitions. Altran's activist investor will be quite knowledgeable about how these events are developing in size, which could be why they’ve chosen to sponsor one lately.

A type of tech which has blown-up in the past couple of years is online streaming solutions where consumers can watch television and films. These have nearly completely replaced peoples’ desire to watch live tv, as they can watch the shows they want whenever they want online. This is one of the trends of emerging technologies that is showing no sign of slowing, because as these businesses get bigger, they’re getting the rights to more shows which fans enjoy. As more money is getting pumped into these streaming services, bigger famous actors and directors are getting drawn towards working for them, which suggests that film and TV will practically entirely shift over that way in the next few years. Because of the ever-growing appeal of streaming offerings, it’s likely that Netflix's key investor will be keen to see more top names coming over to the website.

The face of music has altered over the past ten years, with new offerings popping up which have changed the way individuals listen to tunes in their daily lives. In history, people would purchase albums on CDs and listen to their tunes this way, but with the growth of streaming offerings, music is seen entirely differently by supporters. The characteristics of emerging technologies are really quite fascinating when you have a look at how far it has come in such a short amount of time. Consumers can now subscribe to a service and stream unlimited tunes, listen to playlists made by other people, or even create your own! The growing appeal of these platforms has pretty much displaced anybody purchasing hard copies of records today, which is something Spotify's investor should be pretty happy about.

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